snipping Coronavirus Guidelines – Little Dreams Nursery

(updated 26th August 2020)

Dear Parents,

As you are aware the health and well being of all our staff, parents and children are extremely important to us.

As with any health concerns, we want to ensure we are minimising the impact and reducing the possibility of exposure in appropriate ways within our nursery.

Please note that individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19 must not come into nursery and they must contact the nursery manager.

We require the individual to remain out of the child care setting and arrange for a test. The individual may return to the child care setting after a negative result, and they are back to good health.

“Typical symptoms of coronavirus include fever and a cough that may progress to severe pneumonia causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties”

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Call your GP or NHS 24 on 111 out of hours.

For further information, please visit the NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) section on their website:

Public Health Advice – Returning Travellers
Please visit the Government website for more information relating to ‘Guidance for British people travelling overseas during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.’

As you are aware our main priority is the health and well being of our community, including the nursery children, their families and colleagues. The guidance from Public Health England / Wales / Scotland continues to evolve, sometimes on a daily basis, therefore if you have plans to travel to any specified areas:

  • Can you please let the manager know about your travel plans.

  • As the advice can sometimes change on a daily basis we would appreciate it if you could call NHS 111 on your return, before you come back to the nursery, just to check that the advice you received before you went is still relevant and hasn’t changed during your time away.

  • Please then provide an update either via a phone call or email to the nursery.

  • Thank you for being supportive and considerate in this manner.

Little Dreams Nursery