snipping COVID 19 Risk Assessment – Families January 2021 – Little Dreams Nursery

Children attending nursery during January 2021 lock down.

Who does it involve – Children, Staff and families
Date – 5th January 2021

Benefits of ActivityHazardSeverityWho is at RiskRisk Level

Keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Contaminating the nursery setting.
Spreading COVID 19 germs to children, colleagues and families which could lead to them contracting the virus.
Loss of business and trust.

Close the room / setting to deep clean.
Numbers of COVID 19 cases will increase and could lead to death of service users, families and staff.
Closure of nursery and redundancies.

All staff Children Families


Action taken

Following Government and all governing bodies guidance (Care Inspectorate, HPST)

Additional cleaning procedures in place in line with guidance. Thorough hand washing procedures in place in line with guidance.

Social distancing measures in place at the entrance:

Only persons from the same household as the child can drop off or pick up. No other family members from different households can drop off or pick up.
In an emergency situation this will be discussed on the call and a resolution found.

Only one family member allowed in the garden at any one time, unless instructed by a member of staff.

Family members to follow the social distancing markers while waiting.
If possible, wait in your vehicles.
If the children are in the garden please make staff aware you are there and walk to the exit gate where your child will be brought to you.

No family members will gain access to the nursery.

Please avoid direct contact with staff, where practicable.

Reduced opening hours will be in place at the moment due to reduced staffing. Hours will be: 8.00 am – 5.30 pm, children MUST be collected by 5.20pm.

If you require a medication form please let nursery know and this will be emailed to you to be completed and returned.

Children and staff temperatures will be taken if either begin to feel unwell at nursery at regular intervals. Following NHS guidelines if your child has a high temperature over 37.7 (0 – 2 years) or 37.2 (2 – 5 years) you will be called to collect them and follow NHS inform guidance.

Any accident, incident or medication forms will not be signed by families at the end of the day. You will receive a copy of the completed form.

There will be two rooms open initially to cater for the children from 0-2’s and 1-3’s, they will be in the 2’s room and 2’s, 2-4’s and 3-5’s will be in the 3-5 room.

Rooms will work with set staff and there will be no crossing over where possible.

All buggies, bikes, scooters etc brought to nursery cannot be left here during the day and must be taken with you.

Staff will adhere to social distancing within the nursery, staff area and rooms, where practicable.

Staff will adhere to social distancing guidelines out with the nursery setting.

Rooms will have set toilet usage times, where necessary other rooms may require access this shall be done via radio communication and following social distancing.

Rooms will have set garden times to maximise the use of outdoor space. Staff will continue to social distance where practicable.

Children are not to bring toys in from home, to prevent cross contamination.

Younger children requiring comforters, please purchase two of the same so one can be left at nursery, if this has not already been done.

Any member of the household showing any symptoms / confirmed COVID-19 or been in contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 must follow guidance given by NHS inform, the family must self-isolate for 14 days. Please notify nursery of any symptoms.

A one-way system will be in place within the nursery for the staff and children, where practicable.

All children should have indoor shoes to wear that stay at nursery at all times. No visitors or outside agencies within the setting.

No workmen within the setting, where possible. Procedures followed if absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of everyone.

PPE worn when necessary, in line with guidance. Staff COVID-19 risk assessment in place. COVID-19 evacuation guidelines in place.

Staff COVID-19 risk assessment in place.

COVID-19 evacuation guidelines in place.

If you go away on holiday while restrictions are in place, then a 14 day self-isolation period is still advised you will not be able to return to nursery until after the 14 days self-isolation upon your return home.

Staff will be required to wear a face covering out with their own play room or in staff areas. Staff not to wear face coverings when interacting with children, following guidance.

All parent’s / carers must wear a face covering to drop off / collect their child.

Group singing will not take place indoors.

Feedback at the door will be minimal to reduce contact. Should you require any specific information please email nursery during the day for this information. If there is any information we wish to pass on to parents / carers this will also be completed via email. Please do not be offended if we ask you to email any other information you wish to be passed on as time is limited at the door especially if other parents are waiting.

Any new unopened food items, packs of nappies or packs of wipes being brought to nursery by parents / carers will have to be quarantined for 72 hours before it can be used in the room. This includes breakfast cereal and Birthday cakes – staff will request cereal, nappies and wipes earlier than normal.

Date: 05.01.2021
Reviewed / updated by Owners / Manager monthly or when guidance changes.