snipping Information – Little Dreams Nursery


A security entry system is placed at the entrance to ensure access by authorised persons only. We require notification of who is authorised to collect your child from nursery. Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the premises unless with a previously identified, authorised person.

Introductory Sessions

Before your child begins full days or sessions at Little Dreams Nursery we would recommend that you and your child visit on several occasions for short introductory sessions.  You are encouraged to stay with your child until he or she settles after which time we would suggest that you leave for short periods until both you and your child are relaxed and comfortable in the nursery setting. No charge is made for the introductory sessions.

“Children learn very quickly that nursery is a fun, friendly place to be therefore the settling-in period is rarely as difficult as you might imagine.”

Daily Report Sheets

When your child is in the small Baby Room, you will receive a daily report sheet detailing your child’s eating and sleeping patterns, fluid intake, toileting progress and information about the activities your child has participated in that day.  The nursery staff will discuss your child’s day with you, however the daily report sheets are a useful reference to take home.

Sleep Times

We have a separate sleep room where your child can use a cot, bouncy chair or a small bed for their sleep times.  Each child has their own bed linen and are calmly settled for their sleep by the nursery staff.

Progress Reports/Learning Journals

Each child at Little Dreams Nursery, (at Pre-Birth to Three stage and Curriculum for Excellence stage), have their own learning journal which staff complete regularly to record your child’s milestones and achievements. Learning Journals can be viewed online using your individual password and PIN. Parents will be able to view photographs of their child at play, which gives parents a better understanding of what their child participates in, and the experiences they enjoy at the nursery.

You will receive two progress reports per year detailing your child’s progress and development and you are welcome to view your child’s portfolio at any time.

Activity Planning

The nursery staff plan activities to meet the children’s individual learning and will link to the Curriculum for Excellence. These plans are flexible and respond to your child’s individual interests, needs and developmental stage. There will be a broad, balanced range of activities.

Planning for children under 3 years is less structured and responsive following the Pre-Birth to Three guidance,  which will meet each child’s needs and abilities.


For the health and well being of all children attending Little Dreams Nursery, your child should not come to nursery if they are suffering from an infectious illness.

If your child suffers from a non-infectious illness or an allergy we will endeavour to accommodate any special requirements they may have.


Parental permission is required for all medication to be administered at Little Dreams Nursery.

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Positive behaviour is promoted at Little Dreams Nursery through praise and encouragement from the nursery staff.  Children receive little attention for negative behaviour, therefore they quickly realise that the positive behaviour will be rewarded.

Our staff will keep you fully informed if your child requires support in this area at any time.  If a pattern of behaviour causing more concern develops, we will discuss this with you and agree steps to move forward in the best interests of your child and the nursery.

Additional Needs

If your child requires extra support for any reason, either on a temporary or permanent basis, we will make every effort to provide this support.  The nursery staff are experienced at working closely with parents and other professionals such as Health Visitors, Speech and Language Therapists and Paediatricians to help your child reach their full potential.

What do I Bring?

Depending on our child’s age and stage of development you will need to provide:  formula or breast milk, nappies, soft indoor shoes, suitable outdoor clothing and a change of clothes.  If your child has a comfort toy, blanket or a dummy you should also bring these to nursery.

Clothing and Personal Property

Your child will be involved in messy activities at nursery and although the staff will encourage them to wear aprons whenever possible, we would advise that your child does not wear ‘good / expensive’ clothes to nursery as accidents can happen. It is helpful if you mark all your child’s belongings with their name as it can be difficult for our nursery staff to locate unnamed items.

We would also recommend that your child does not bring toys from home as they do become upset if items become mislaid or broken.  Favourite books and comfort toys are of course always welcome.

Aberdeen City Council Education Department

Little Dreams Nursery is in partnership with Aberdeen City Council. We will hopefully be offering the pre-school funding of 1140 hours per year. This has still to be confirmed.

Transition to Primary 1

Our nursery staff are aware of the important step a child takes when beginning Primary School therefore we ensure that each child is supported in this transition.

A developmental report is completed by our staff for your child’s Primary 1 teacher.  You will be given a copy of the report to read and comment on prior to your child’s school receiving it.

Parents Evenings

Parent Evenings are held once a year for all children in the Pre-school Room.  Although the nursery staff are available on a daily basis, this gives you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and transition to Primary 1 in a relaxed atmosphere on an individual basis.

Nativity Play

Each Christmas the children in the Pre-school Room will be encouraged to perform a nativity play for their families.  Christmas is always an exciting time for children and they enjoy the opportunity to tell the Christmas story through their own interpretation.

If you have any queries, please get in touch.