snipping Pre-School Funding – Little Dreams Nursery

We are pleased to inform you that we are now in a position to offer 1140 funded hours to all 3 and 4 year old’s from September 2020. The 1140 hours is based over a school year of 38 weeks. Little Dreams Nursery will be calculating the 1140 hours over a 46 week period which works out as 24.78 hours per week. Please note that this will be calculated over 11 months (September-August inclusive). All children who currently attend 2 full days will now also be required to attend an additional half day (8.00am – 12.00pm or 1.00pm – 5.00pm) at no cost to parents.

If your child is in their Ante-Preschool year, then funding information for 2021 / 2022 will be issued around June 2021. If your child attends more than the funding entitlement, then you will be issued with a monthly invoice detailing the funding deductions.

Funding will be awarded the term following your child’s 3rd birthday. Little Dreams Nursery will issue parents with all of the relevant paperwork for completing the funding application. This will be issued several weeks before the term your child’s funding will start.

No deposit is required for children receiving ante-preschool or preschool funding.

The information we will require will be to:

  • Identify the hours during which the child shall attend at Little Dreams Nursery
  • Attach evidence of the child’s name and date of birth (e.g. copy birth certificate or passport)
  • Specify the date on which the child commenced his/her placement at Little Dreams Nursery

Funding will be allocated to parents on a monthly basis, which will be deducted from your monthly fees. The funding amount will be discussed with parents prior to completing the Funding Application Form.

If your child changes provider during a term, then the funding will follow your child to their new setting.

If your child changes provider during a term, you will need to re-apply from your new nursery and the Council will make arrangements for the appropriate proportion of the Funding to be paid over from the old provider to the new provider.

Where a child in respect of whom Funding is being paid ceases to attend Little Dreams Nursery, we shall notify the Council as soon as is practicable (and, at any event, within 14 days) using a “Leaver’s Form”.

Under the new General Data Protection Regulations, we will share your data with the Early Learning and Childcare team for you to be able to apply for funding. If you do not want your data to be shared with the Early Learning and Childcare team, your child may not be able to allocate funding.

Please see the following information from the Early Learning and Childcare Team regarding the information they will collect on your child.